Finer Things in the French Riviera

The French are passionate when it comes to l’amour- the love. Whether that is expressed through their pyro Valentine’s Day tendencies or through their inclination for romance.

And the French Riviera- where the world’s elite flock to Cannes and Cap d’Antibes, and James Bond plays poker with billionaires in Monte Carlo- is the perfect setting to find romance. At least it is in the 2008 French film, Hors du Prix or Priceless.

Irene, played by Audrey Tautou of Amelie and The Da Vinci Code, is a woman who enjoys the finer things in life and knows how to work rich, older men to get them. Jean, played by Gad Elmaleh of Adventures of Tin Tin, is a humble barman at her hotel.

In an effort to win her love Jean tries to play the game and live the life she desires. Typical rom-com chaos ensues with an added dose of French wit and humor.

Some people may have an aversion to reading subtitles and are therefore turned off by foreign films. Don’t let the words on the bottom of the screen stop you from watching this movie. If the rom-com factor or the gorgeous setting isn’t enough for you consider that one of the best, proven ways to learn a new language is to watch movies in that language.

And if that still isn’t enough of a motivator just don’t read the subtitles. You’ll still get the idea of the movie, probably still laugh, and you can pretend you’re actually in the French Riviera where you wouldn’t be able to understand people anyways.

While you watch the movie savor some of the finer things in life. Grab a freshly baked baguette, a wheel of soft French cheese (try a brie or camembert), some bonbons or macarons, and a bottle of French wine (try the Bordeaux from Rue de Perle available at most local grocery and liquor stores).


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