Exotic Bazaars Brought Home

As you’ve maybe noticed, I am a big supporter of World Market. This mega-warehouse of home decorations, food, clothing, jewelry and more from all over the world is the go-to place for an easy fix for any itch for the exotic.


Many of the supplies and ingredients for ideas and recipes here can be found at World Market (they can typically be found at most grocery stores or other local spots but World Market is a guaranteed gold mine).

Cost Plus World Market was started in the 1950s by a businessman who also had a passion for travel and wanted to bring the joys of travel to the people of San Francisco. His idea took off and the first store front was opened in 1958 followed by over 250 locations open all across the country today.

If there is a location near you stop wasting time and go now. And if there isn’t a location near you it’s ok because you can order online and there is free shipping for all orders over $100 which isn’t hard to spend.

If you really want to hop onboard this awesome band wagon, which you should, be sure to join World Market Explorer. This club offers even more discounts and perks like enjoying 15% off just for joining, getting every 7th bag of coffee for free, and getting special in-store member prices. And, of course, the more you spend the more you save. For every $200 spent you get a bonus $10. explorer

To join either go online, visit your nearest store, or text EXPLORER to 95730. All you need is a 10-digit code (phone numbers work well for these).

You should also check out their blog, Discover, where you can find awesome recipes and inspiration.


Just in case you’re wondering, I am not getting anything out of this plug. This store is simply my best friend and I promise it will become yours too if you give it a chance. Not to mention every idea you find on here will be 10 times more fun just for getting your stuff at World Market.


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