profileI remember a summer break during my middle school years when my mom thought my sister and I didn’t have enough to do to keep us busy. She came up with an assignment for us to complete each week of the summer. My sister and I had to make dinner once a week based on the food of other cultures–we picked a different country for each meal. On top of that, though, my mom made us research each country and, before we ate our meals, my sister and I reported on the interesting information and traditions we found.

At the time I was not eager to have “homework” on summer break. Looking back now I’m grateful to my mom for opening my mind at an early age to different cultures and people. While I wasn’t actually visiting those countries, I learned so much about them and got a (literal) taste of their culture. They were brought to me.


13641183_10210077389075116_5640859134090027938_oLike me, Tessa’s parents encouraged the adventurous spirit she already had. The summer before she graduated high school they told her to pick anywhere in the world she wanted to go to join a team on a mission trip.

Tessa picked the Amazon jungle and at 17 years old she hopped a plane by herself bound for Lima, Peru. Despite the nerve-wracking experience of solo, international travel, the experience broke the expectations Tessa had for life and opened up the world in a whole new way.

Since that time we have had the opportunity to visit many of the countries I learned about so many summers ago. We have eaten the food and experienced the cultures first hand. But, I will never forget the things I learned on my own, in the comfort of my home.

In a similar way, we hope this space opens up the world to you and makes it accessible to try the world without boarding any planes or applying for any visas. If you have a passion for the world and its people and want a chance to experience it, we invite you to sit back and read on as the world is brought to you.

Happy travels! Chloe & Tessa